Maximizes natures effects

Soluro® DUO provides patients with pain relief, fast and dual action against UTIs like cystitis. Unique composition provides natural excretion of bacteria from the bladder.

Is right for you

  • If you want scientifically proven effect
  • If you are tired of ineffective treatment
  • If you want to break long antibiotics treatment
  • If you are worried about antibiotic side effects

More than a cranberry product

Soluro® Duo effects are beyond cranberries. Soluro® Duo is the newest approach to urinary tract infection prevention, the combination based on European Association of Urology guidelines recommended natural ingredients for the prophylaxis of urinary tract infections. Soluro® Duo provides effective, controled infection reduction and also controls the discomfortable symptoms.

Why choose Soluro® Duo

Contains the most effective ingredients to prevent and reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections like cystitis. Fast effect with very good tolerance neutralizes the bacteria causing the inflammation. Most importantly Soluro® Duo is helpful in patients who are looking for an effective prevention that can be used occasionally.

  • Trusted Brand
  • Fast acting formula
  • Unique composition


The wide range of cranberries in the pharmacy can be confusing, when choosing a premium quality cranberry product look for proanthocyanidin content and cranberry technology.

  • Cryodesiccation or also known as freeze-drying
  • Cranberries are first frozen then cranberry cell housings collapses and becomes porous, crumbling into a powder
  • As a result bioavailability increases up to the 100% and all valuable substances become freely available for human body

How and when to use Soluro® Duo

If you have first mild symptoms of urinary tract infections, the 1 red and 1 white capsule for at least 15 days. If the symptoms are sudden you can take up to 4 white capsules and 1 red capsule a day. If you were exposed to any of urinary tract infection risk factors you can take 1 white and 1 red capsule for only 3 days.

Acute urinary tract infection (cystitis)

Recurrent urinary tract infections

Prophylactic after Soluro® Akut

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Soluro® Duo

Easy way to naturally fight of urinary tract infections for all ages

Combined product

Proven effect

Lasting protection

Did you know?

You are not alone! Cystitis is the most common urinary tract infection (UTI) and can occur multiple times a year. Now you can relieve, prevent and control cystitis recurrences and symptoms with Soluro® DUO.

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Inhibits mannose-sensitive adhesions of E.Coli. Prevents and disrupts bacteria biofilm formation. Antibiotic like properties for eliminating bacteria without the antibiotic side effects.

Cranberry concentrate

Cranberries have antioxidant activity, helps to acidity urine and normalizes urinary pH. Cranberries can also improve gastrointestinal health and reduce the risk of unwanted bacteria invasion in the bladder. Cranberries can also contributes to strong immune system.


Increases the effects of D-Mannose by additionally preventing bacteria from attaching to the bladder and reducing urinary tract infection. Contributes to bacteriostatic effects and help to disrupts bacteria biofilm.

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