Daily defence against cystitis

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You are not alone. Cystitis is the most common urinary tract infection (UTI) and can occur multiple times a year. Now you can relieve, prevent and control cystitis recurrences and symptoms with Soluro® DUO.

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More active than before

Soluro® DUO maximizes natural effect and provide patients with pain relief, fast and dual action against UTIs like cystitis. Unique composition provides natural excretion of bacteria from the bladder.

Is right for you

  • If you want scientifically proven effect

  • If you are tired of ineffective treatment

  • If you want to break long antibiotics treatment If you are worried about antibiotic side effects


  • Effective in any stage of UTI (cystitis, urethritis)

  • Naturally eliminates bacteria with urination

  • Prevents E.Coli from further spreading

  • All ingredients recommended by EAU guidelines

  • Does not harm the growth of good bacteria (probiotics)

  • Composition can help to enhance the effect of antibiotics*

  • Cranberries are processed by cryodesiccation


  • Prevents cystitis recurrences

  • Less use of antibiotics in future

  • No gut bacteria imbalance

  • Reduced chance of developing a yeast infection

  • Acidifies urine pH and improves the immune system

  • Effect seen in the first day

  • Can decrease the necessary dose of antibiotics*

  • Can be used together with antibiotics

Soluro® DUO unique action

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Easy way to naturally fight of urinary tract infections for all ages

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Inhibits mannose-sensitive adhesions of E.Coli. Prevents and disrupts bacteria biofilm formation. Antibiotic like properties for eliminating bacteria without the antibiotic side effects.

Cranberry concentrate

Antioxidant activity. Help to acidity urine and normalizes urinary pH. Contributes to immune system.


Inhibits mannose-resistant adhesions of E.Coli. Contributes to bacteriostatic effects and help to disrupts bacteria biofilm.

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